What we do

Twenty minutes, that’s all it takes to completely turn someone’s life upside-down, for the worse. Every 1200 seconds a patient will be confronted with the fact that they have developed cancer. Many times of which, the cancer could have been threated if only the patient had known earlier. As a result, more than 800.000 people suffered from cancer in 2012 alone. Even though various charity foundations are battling cancer with noticeable statistic effects, it’s not enough. The primary key to bringing incidence rates to a minimum will always be donations from the good-hearted. However, could donating evolve into a something even more fulfilling and rewarding?

That’s where we come in. Creative Aid is a non-profit organisation found by creative individuals with both a creative, and solidary mind-set. Our goal is as any other charity foundation, raising funds for a common decease that is troubling the world. The way we differentiate ourselves however, lies in our method. Apart from regular donations, Creative Aid has a team of talented artist and designers that sell and showcase their portfolio projects in order to support cancer research. These individuals also take orders placed through the Creative Aid business model. The income of these orders will automatically be donated.

Due to our simple yet effective fundraising model, based on artistic expertise and goodwill, the financial needs of Creative Aid are second to none. This means that every donation will have full profitability for cancer research. We, as an organisation, hope to have convinced you as a whole, to support our cause. Creative aid offers fundraising, artistic services and a system that is financially independent. In the end, all it takes to make the world a better place, is doing what we do best.